How to combine csv files

Greetings, I have 3 different csv files that i need to combine into a single one combining their columns.
I am trying to use a join snap but got the following error

Hi @JosAngelHG ,

Did you check if the files exist in the project space where the pipeline is located?


@JosAngelHG: Welcome to the community!

Before putting your Join [merge] snap, try to go ahead with File Reader and validate if the files are getting loaded. The output preview (marked green) on your first file reader should be seen for all 3 file readers.

As pointed out by @marjan.karafiloski, please do check whether the files are existing on a shared project space for which you have access rights. If you’re reading a file from your local, please do ensure that the file name is not changed and kept in the same location. Once you select the desired file in the file reader, usually a copy of it is saved in the same project space where you’re building this pipeline however to be on safer side as you might change the execution type to “Validate and Execute”, not modifying the file location and file name on your local would help.

  1. Please get those output previews on each file reader
  2. Rename 3 file readers to a meaningful name
  3. Put a csv parser as you have kept it now
  4. Use a mapper after each csv parser
  5. Select the columns desired in the mapper
  6. Use Join [merge] to merge the columns

P.S.: Please ensure that the column names are a bit different if you’re expecting same fields so that it will help you determine which fields you’re going with. Also, check the output preview and wait for that green symbol before putting further snaps.

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Thanks for the advice.

I just uploaded the files from my PC so not sure what is wrong, I followed the same steps as i did on the first file reader that is on green.

From the error message, it seems like you don’t have access to that file location. Can you please align with an administrator who can confirm whether you have access to that file in your organization?

You can validate by going into the Project space where this file is sitting. If you are unable to go into it then its safe to assume that you don’t have access to the file.