How to Delete List of records in sharePoint using Rest Snap

Hi All,

I am new to SnapLogic and i am able to design Pipeline to Update the records in share point using Rest Post. But same job is not working for Delete. I tried changing the value X-HTTP-Method to ‘DELETE’ but it is not working. can some one help me, what additional settings are required.
I have attached the image of rest post, which is working for update. can some one suggest for delete please.

SharePoint will require you to authenticate to make those calls see this article on MSDN.
I have dabbled myself personally with the authntification requests but stumbled upon a brick wall of lacking the neccesary privliges.

This is an excelent article from Shantha Kumar .T, you should be able to replicate his steps using snaplogics REST requests :slight_smile:

Hope this sets you up on your journey :wink:

HI Adam,

Thanks for the reply. I have no problem with authentication, because i am able to Insert and Update the records. i am just struck with delete scenario.
I will go through the above article and will see it may help me…:slight_smile: