How to do a handshake with SNS Subsbription?

I’m trying to receive messages from AWS SNS subcription using URL of the ultra task.
Can someone please help
How to do a handshake with SNS Subscription the first time and handle the subsequent request?
Also, where the Bearer token need to configured in SNS Subscription for authertication?
Thanks for the help,

Hi ,
I tried the same last week as well, and unfortunately didn’t make it work. The ultra tasks require either a Bearer token, or a basic auth if the bearer token is not set. I failed to make subscriptions using either of the authentication.

I wasn’t able to find a way setting bearer token in the SNS subscription (maybe it would be a question or feature request for AWS SNS team). They do provide a way to include basic auth credentials inside the ‘endpoint’ request parameter. But as I have tested, if the username is an email address, it won’t work since it will break the url format.

For now, I would suggest to subscribe the SQS queue to the SNS topic, and use a SQS Consumer Snap to consume the message and trigger a downstream pipeline.

Also, if you find any other solutions, please let me know.

Hi @kzhou , for your reply… I’m skipping for now with to no authentication on the ultra pipeline. Once My pipeline in share I will also investigate bit more on this.
Thanks again,