How to Download the Latest Snaplex Binaries

Below are the steps for downloading Snaplex binaries.

  1. Login to

  2. Click Manager tab on the control pane.

  3. Select SHARED under Projects Spaces.

  4. Click the Snaplexes tab on the right pane.

  5. Select the name of the Snaplex to download the binaries to be installed on the node. An Update window opens with the Snaplex properties.

  6. Click the Download tab to view and Select the binaries for the respective OS. Note: This tab is not visible until after a Snaplex is created and is not available for Hadooplexes. You must be an org admin to get the download links.

  7. Click the Download icon to download the binaries directly or click Copy icon to copy the link on a browser and download the binaries.

  8. Select the appropriate Snaplex OS type to download the Binaries.

Could you please help to enable the ‘+’ button on Snaplex.

I am using trial version. Is it that a reason?

the groundplex isnt offered in the free trial option. do you need to access data/apps on premise?

Yes I need to access data on Premise peoplesoft

You would need to reach out to your sales rep to get that enabled. feel free to email me on pnarayan at snaplogic dot com

Do you mean, I need to enable the paid version to avail the functionality?
I am currently doing POC in Snaplogic to see whether the product fit my business solution(accessing data from on premise system and contacting the cloud) and I found I should install Snaplex, which is currently not available in trail as you mentioned.

Could you please help me on what all things I should do?

@nunnikrishnan You should not need a paid version, but you would need to work with a sales rep to configure an environment where you can test on-premise applications. I am checking with the team now to see who can work with you.


I was doing a POC to learn the Snaplex. If you could provide the option to create snaplex in trail account, that will be very helpful.


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