How to edit a name of a project space

I can’t seem to edit the name of a project space once it’s created. Is this functionality not available to admins or am I overlooking it?

You cannot do so at this time, but it was recently requested by another customer.

Can Support change the name for the customer?

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While it’s possible for Support to rename a Project Space for you, it is not recommended, particularly in a production environment. It would not automatically update references for the assets within that project space, so you would need to manually verify and update all pipelines.

Hi @tam.le, I think I’m the “another customer” that @dmiller is referring to. I opened a request ticket 6 months ago but tagged it as low priority since there is a workaround - which is to create a new project space and move projects and assets to that space. (BTW @dmiller, the workaround is a step or several more LOE than simply renaming the project space and adjusting the asset references, so please pass along @tam.le 's request to maybe bump priority).

In any case, I started a draft Best Practices document for moving projects between project spaces as I ran into certain issues with accounts and sub-pipelines. It may not cover all cases, but if anyone is interested, I can share.

You are correct @del.
I have added @tam.le to the ticket and bumped the priority.