How to Enter Request body for OAuth2 POST Snap


In the Below Snapshot, I am trying to enter the Body Parameters for the REST POST snap for Oauth2 refresh token. I have all the necessary parameters stored as variables and pass them as below.

I have the content type as “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”. I tried putting all the other parameters under HTTP-Header section also, but i am getting the following error. Highly appreciate for any help to solve this issue.

Aravind N


Based on the error code/message, the endpoint/resource that you want to reach cannot be found.

Ensure that the endpoint that you are trying to invoke is right one, or check if there are some syntax errors in the URL.

For REST OAuth2 you can use the REST OAuth2 Account.

Spiro Taleski

Thanks for the help. The URL had a mistake and fixing that resolved the issue. I was able to execute with the query parameters itself.

Aravind N

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