How to execute 20 different oracle sql queries using oracle execute snap

Hello Everyone,
Need your expert advise, I have 20 different set of sql queries running on the same table to generate the metrics, I am trying to run through them using Oracle execute but got error as “resolution:
Reduce the fetch size in the database connection configuration and retry executing the pipeline”

Is there anyway I can run the sql queries one by one without running it as a bulk sql query. Below is my pipeline

Hi @Karthikgs,

If you’re selecting/generating data then the snap won’t support such a series of commands, but if the queries do update/delete/insert then you shouldn’t have issues.

So in order to overpass it, you can introduce a separate “Pipeline Execute” in which you’ll be executing the passed queries and save the result into a table in Oracle. Lastly, just query out the table(s) with the generated results.


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Thanks @igormicev for your advise, will try your solution, thanks again for your time and feedback.