How to filter json data

Like below json structure, we want remove wd:Compensation_Element_Reference/wd:ID:@type=WID,
and just leave wd:ID:@type=Compensation_Element_ID

Hi @maisie_wang , from this image it’s difficult to replicate the value but you can add one mapper and
drag and drop till wd:ID and then put ?(value[’@wd:type’] == 'Compensation_Element_ID) inside that wd:ID[here]. If you still face issue please share the json.

jsonPath($, “$till Compensation_Reference.wd:ID [?(value[’@wd:type’] == 'Compensation_Element_ID)]”)

Hi @maisie_wang ,

Use a mapper, and map your incoming path up until “@wd:ID”. Than use the following expression:

$…wd:ID.filter(x=>x.get(’@wd:type’) != ‘WID’)


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Hi @maisie_wang, a json parser snap and the filter path parameter in the snap might do the trick.