How to find parent pipeline when only child is known

I have a pipeline, say PipelineB, which is called by PipelineA somewhere, but what the actual name of PipelineA is, is not known. How can I determine objects that depend on a pipeline?

@vincenr When you say that PipelineB is called - do you mean as a child pipeline (via Pipeline Execute) or by it’s Triggered Task URL (via REST Get)?

as a child pipeline

You could use the Dashboard search feature and supply the name of the known child pipeline name and see what pipelines have called it - note that you may need to update the time (1hr, 8hr, 24hr) or date range to ensure you will find the executions that called it. You may also want to set the Invocation Type to “Nested” (i.e. child pipelines called by Pipeline Execute snap) to improve the performance of retrieving the execution statistics if you have a large date range.

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