How to generate token by using JWT generator

Please help me to create the token for API by using JWT generator

Hi @Pretty,

First step is to create a Java KeyStore. You can find more information on how to do that, on the following links:

Creating a KeyStore in JKS Format

Creating a Keystore File for SSL

Upload the file while creating a JWT account, and the rest is pretty much straight forward. Let us know if you have any difficulties.


could you please show how you are creating the key store and then how you are calling it in JWT?

It’s not a procedure that I can explain in while writing. But if you pay attention on the first link, there is a step by step tutorial on how to create the keystore. After you create the JKS, open the JWT Generate snap, and start the procedure for creating an account.

Add Issuer, duration, upload the keystore and password. Key Alias will be automatically selected (not sure), if not, it will be available for selection after you upload the JKS.

Creating a Keystore File for SSL

I followed this Docs

but I am Facing this Error

I think you’re facing an Environment Variable problem. The Keytool execution file should be in the bin folder of your java directory which you need to make sure that it is added in the Path variable.


Thank you for you help