How to get Index of Array list along with the data


I am working on API’s and while pulling the data from API and storing in the DB. The API is returning data in Arrays and while using the splitter i am able to split the data of arrays and load into the DB.

But my requirement is to also store the Array Index number of each record from the Array along with the data. I tried using the Array function named findIndex(), but in vain.

I would really appreciate if i get a solution for this issue.

Aravind N

I believe you are looking for the indexOf() method to look for the index of a particular value. Documentation is located here:

instead of the findIndex() method, which requires a callback function rather than a simple value

I am not looking for a value of a particular Index. If i have 50 items in my Array list, then when i use the splitter to split the Array values, I should have the data look like below

For example if the Array item returned is like below


“items”: [



      "LAST_NAME" : "Marley",

      "ID": "12"




      "LAST_NAME" : "Cartman",

      "ID": "9"




      "LAST_NAME" : "Wreckit",

      "ID": "8"




My data should look like

Firstname Lastname ID Data_Index

Bob Marley 12 0
Eric Cartman 9 1
Ralph Wreckit 8 2

Yes, indexOf() returns the index not the value.

Using your example data in a json generator, and a mapper with this expression:
$ => value.extend({'Data_Index':$items.indexOf(value)}))

you will see that the original map uses extend to add the index of each element to a new field ‘Data_Index’ in each value in the list.

That worked wonderful!! Thanks a lot for the help. Much Appreciated.

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Also, for the below screesnshot, i want to take the index as to how many responses returned. Since this is at the root level i tried .map(value => value.extend({'Batch_Index':.indexOf(value)})), but it is giving me an an error as
“Map type does not have a method named: map, found in: …dexOf(value)})). Perhaps you meant: mapKeys, mapValues”"

@cjhoward18 Just wanted to check if the array is split using json splitter can we have sequence snap so documents flowing will generate sequence number for rows?

Just checking if there are multiple options for this problem to expand more implementation methods.

@cjhoward18 For other array i tried to use the below function and it is returning 0 for all the indexes. Not sure what mistake i am doing. Please help

$ => value.extend({‘Data_Ind’:$entity.items.indexOf(value)}))


Can you give the example input data and expected output you are trying to achieve please?