How to get only one of two items returned

In a mapper snap, my current expression is:

I only want the second value “123109” returned as a string. How can I do this? Thanks!

@swright array[1] , it will give you 2nd value. for your case it looks like-


I had tried these before and I think that they should have worked but they didn’t.

The first one changed the values to 1 and 2 which isn’t what I want:


The second one failed with:


“‘1’ was not found while evaluating the sub-expression ‘$[‘env:Envelope’][‘env:Body’][‘ns0:uploadFileToUcmResponse’].result[1]’”

I also tried the following that failed:


It failed with:

"String type does not have a method named: pop, found in: …sult[’$’].pop().



@swright Is that possible to share sample json here?

I attached a copy of the json.

I am currently using a fix for the issue in which I use a filter snap after the mapper. It works, but I think that I should be able to select from the values in the mapper and not have to use the filter. Although it looked to me like an array, it seems to be a string which is why many of the things I tried didn’t work.




(Attachment Copy_output0.json is missing)

Sorry. My attachment didn’t get through due to a .json extension. I’m sending it now after change the extension to .txt.


Copy_output0.txt (3.56 KB)

You are dealing with 2 separate input documents. The Mapper gets these one-by-one, not both of them at once.

Assuming the Mapper’s input is coming from a Json Parser, you can deal with this by unchecking “Process array” in the Json Parser settings. Then the Mapper will receive a single document whose root is an array. Then your expression would look like this:

jsonPath($, "$[*]['env:Envelope']['env:Body']['ns0:uploadFileToUcmResponse'].result['$']")[1]

Another approach is to filter the Mapper’s input so that you’re only getting the second document. To do that, insert a Head snap with an offset of 1.

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@swright Try attached pipeline. If you are absolutely sure proper values comes on element 0/1 position then use[0/1] it else can filter over -1 criteria. I have added both in mapper.
community_Array_2020_10_29.slp (6.7 KB)

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One more way of doing is use a Group By Snap and use the below Expression.

jsonPath($, “group[?(value['env:Envelope']['env:Body']['ns0:uploadFileToUcmResponse'].result['’]==125044)]”)

sample_2020_10_29.slp (8.9 KB)

These looked like great solutions, but although they work perfectly in your sample pipeline, I can’t get them to work in mine. Mine are the output of a SOAP Execute Snap. This is one of the errors I am getting:


It’s because there is no value comes for results field from soap request. Just check the null safe option in mapper and save then value will come as null , no more exceptions will get.


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