How to get the file name(s) from a Multi File Reader

I have a Multi File Reader reading a series of S3 files using a wildcard, and writing the data to Snowflake. There is a Mapper in between. Functionally, everything is working as expected.
I’d like to get the name of the file in which the data was read, and write it to a Meta_FileName column. How do I retrieve the file name from the Multi File Reader? I’m sort of assuming it’s an expression to be added in the Mapper but not sure. TIA!

Is there a parser snap that is converting the binary documents?

My apologies for lack of detail, yes there is indeed a CSV parser following the multi file reader.

Hi Snaplogic Team,

Could you please advise on the solution for the same?

hi tstack,

Is there an inbuilt snaplogic functionality for the same ?

It’s currently not possible to pass the binary header that contains the file name through the CSVParser. Instead, you can use a DirectoryBrowser snap to get the file names and then kick off child pipelines to read the files and do the SnowflakeUpserts. In that case, you’ll be passing the filename as a pipeline parameter to the child pipeline, so you can use a Mapper to add the parameter into the documents that are going into the Upsert. A side-benefit of this is that you can process multiple files in parallel.

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