How to get time taken by each snap during snaplogic pipeline execution

Hello Experts,
I have main pipeline and 4-5 child pipeline and wanted to which snap is taking more time for execution.
Apart from Snaplogic dashboard ,how we can find time taken by each snap.



  1. Check Pipeline Statistic


  2. Snap Statistic

There you can find a lot of details about each snap for the selected pipeline.

Spiro Taleski

Hi @Spiro_Taleski
Thank you for reply.
how can I download this ?


Hi @Ajay_Chawda,

I don’t think that is possible to download that data directly.

But through the API you can get same data and even more information.
Here is the pipeline with which you can get that data.
Community_Answer_3874.slp (10.4 KB)

In the snap API Parameters, you need to set name of the organization and name of the pipeline.
In REST Get snaps you need to create Basic Auth account with credentials of your SL account.

Here is also link of the documentation.

When you execute the pipeline, the response that you will get at the end, you will find statistics from each snap in snap_map field.


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