How to handle Scandinavian characters

in the incoming xml, data in json being read is like äg, öp.
how to handle these.

Hi @Sahil,

Does the xml data is encoded in UTF-8 or UTF-16 ?

Hi Viktor,
its UTF-8.

Can you tell me in which snap you get this problem ?

as soon as its read in file reader , I checked using record_replay and data is distorted.

@viktor_n , I have added my comment.

The examples you provided looks like it is trying to interpret it as ANSI perhaps.

Is it cloud or grounplex?
We have added jvm options to force UTF-8 encoding on our windows groundplex server:

When i open a UTF-8 file in our snaplogic environment get the following UTF-8 code points (U+00):
You could verify what hex codes you have in your input xml for these chars.

C5 = Å
C4 = Ä
D6 = Ö
E5 = å
E4 = ä
F6 = ö