How to list all assets of non-directory type?

Is there a way to get a list of all assets that are not directories? i.e. not type ‘Dir’?

I tried to do this by looping over a ‘SnapLogic List’ snap to recursively navigate down through the directory paths (refer below) but it results in a stack overflow.

I know I can’t use ‘Pipeline Execute’ for the pipeline to call itself since recursion is not supported.

I suppose I could just use assume the path depth will always be at most three and use three separate ‘SnapLogic List’ snaps, but this seems quite hacky.

Any other ideas?

Just created this pipeline to show all non-Dir assets. Does this work for you?

Thanks Alan, I appreciate your response and for putting that together for me. That’s the three separate ‘SnapLogic List’ snaps approach I was trying to avoid, but I suppose it’s as good as we can get for now.