How to login/ who can login to snaplogic university?

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Greetings !!

I was curious to learn what’s in SnapLogic University and when I tried to log-in with my credentials which I use to develop, surprisingly doesn’t work there.

Is there any special request that has to be raised by my company if I need to access the materials? or how does it work?

Waiting for your reply!!!

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It may vary depending on which level of class you are looking for and what was arranged in your company’s contract.

Let me contact your Customer Success Manager to see what is available to you.

Thank you so much for your quick response!! Appreciate any inputs that you may provide.

please ask Tim Szrejter to approve your access. He can forward the request to me.
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Rich Dill

Thank you Rich!! I shall let Tim know about it.

Thanks again!


Hi Rich,

Good day, is there a cost implication when accessing snaplogic university?

new Partners get free access for thirty days. Beyond that it is a 12 month subscription for $449. per seat.
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