How to pass json parameters in mapper form postman or snaplogic URL's for Oracle stored procedure

Hello Team,

Description of pipeline:

  • I have created a sample pipeline to execute “Oracle stored procedure” which ha 2 input variables and 1 output variable. Procedure is working fine manually and even from snaps.

Flow of pipeline :slight_smile:

mapper -> oracle stored procedure snap -> email sender.

In mapper I am passing hardcoded values which are passing in Oracle proc and working fine.

Issue -
1- Not sure how to pass json inputs from outside (postman or URL) in pipeline to mapper snap.
2- What should be the input expression in mapper input to get the input variables from json from outside.

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Can someone take a look please.

We might need a bit more information on what you want to pass in and from where.
For example, to get information from a URL may require a REST Get before the Mapper.

Through REST Post I am passing below using postman tool:


Postman setting:
Key Value

Accept application/json
Authorization Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
content-type application/json.

In mapper input variables I have given two parameters as below:

Feel free to ask more information if any.


You can pass the input from REST or post-man to pipeline as pipeline parameters from query string.

say for example,
The pipeline is calling from any url like,
www.yoururl/?firstName = Virender&lastName = Rana

Note this parameter from url and pipeline parameter should be same sensitive.

Thanks Surrendra for reply.

its showing me below error:

query_string “http.socket.timeout=0”
path “/api/1/rest/slsched/prepare/GET/****/projects/*****/EBSDEV_Oracle_Proc/”
error_id null
query_string “”
path “/api/1/rest/pipeline/prepare/48d7a846-d2d7-47ff-b50e-ef8fad6a9ea8”
message “Pipeline has 2 unlinked output views”
http_status “”
http_status_code 400
http_status “”
http_status_code 500

Note - changed few names just to avoid names.


Yes pipeline should have one un-linked output view,This is default behavior. You can try to use union snap and combine two output views and make it as single output view.if you need both output views from both the snaps.

If you don’t want output view from any one of the snap then simply close the output view of snap which you don’t want.

Actually cant close the output view of oracle stored procedure as its is default from Oracle snap. let me try union one.

error is gone after combining two snaps output by Union snap.

But it is still not taking input variables from outside and showing below message:

“to”: "",
“cc”: null,
“bcc”: null,
“from”: null,
“subject”: null,
“emailType”: “text/html”,
“body”: “Your Employee is $LAST_NAME, $FIRST_NAME”

I have given $FIRST_NAME and $LAST_NAME for input variables in mapper snap and it is passing those name as it is to further snaps.


It looks like you haven’t made the property an expression. Note that variables are not automatically substituted in strings. You can make the property an expression by pressing the ‘=’ toggle on the left of the property and then changing the value to something like this:

"Your Employee is " + $LAST_NAME + ", " + $FIRST_NAME

Are you passing these values into the triggered task using a POST operation or are you using a query string like was mentioned in another post? If you’re using a query string, the values will be passed in through Pipeline Parameters and you’ll need to reference them with an underscore instead of a dollar sign:

"Your Employee is " + _LAST_NAME + ", " + _FIRST_NAME

Thanks for replying…

I am passing the parameters from a triggered task using post method through postman tool. I have a output parameter FULL_NAME in my oracle proc which is returning correct value.
But not sure how to take input using expression (in input fields) in mapper snap.


Have you defined Pipeline Parameters?

If so This is the Correct approach.
If you havent defined parameters. Go to Edit Pipeline and define them with the names you are using.