How to pass parameter to task with run policy triggered?

Hi Team,

I am able to pass the parameters from parent pipeline to child pipeline. But how do we pass the parameter to the pipeline while executing it from task when the run policy is triggered.

I can see that we have an option to hardcode the value for parameter under task update option. But if I want to run it using cloud link of that task and change the parameter value at that time how do we do that?

Here is the syntax:
[Trigger URL]?bearer_token=&[Authorization Bearer token][param1=abc]&[param2=123]

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Thanks aleung. It does run the job but not able to get the parameter replace in the pipeline.[EMBlzFWoe6rKZaLcJ1yGZXJ0ag6byM0G][filename=yashtest]

Once I run this only 1 file is getting generated instead of 2 files. (I am only passing yashtest as a one of the output file name another one is hardcoded.)

Attaching the response I am getting once I run the above given link
response.txt (33.8 KB)

Those square bracket is for visually stating you need to replace those with actual value without the bracket itself and you are missing the ampersand character between any variable you are passing.


Thanks for the clarification. it is working now.