How to post zip file using rest post

Hi All,

I am trying to post the zip file to end point using rest post. The downstream application expecting the ZIP file. They are storing the zip file in the blob column of sql server.

data(zip file name) - storing in the blob column to process further.

how to zip and send the zipped file as it is through rest post snap.
Tried below one .

@kkishore - I’ve done something similar before. You should be able to get this to work with Binary to Document “Encode or Decode” property set to BYTE_ARRAY, then in the REST Post add an HTTP header for Key=“content-type” and Value=“application/octet-stream”

Hope that helps!

Hi ,
Thanks for your response. I tried all the options in Binary to Document… only Encode_Base64 is passing the data to output view, but the data is in binary not as zip file.

configured below settings in each snap.

file reader snap:

compress snap:

Binary to Document snap:

rest post snap:

it is not posting zip file, it is posting the binary content. Requirement is to post the zip file in blob column of database

My apologies for the misunderstanding. I believe what you are looking for is the “Single file upload” properties in the REST Post snap. You will need to stage your file in either the SLDB (your SnapLogic project) or in the snaplex node local file system (FILE:///)

Hi Koryknic,

Thanks for the response ,will try to stage file and then post