How to push message to an AWS SNS topic

Hi Team,

Looking for a solution on one of my requirement where i have to publish a message to AWS sns topic from snaplogic. I am trying to use a Rest Post snap for that but i only have arn and iam role with me to make the connection.

When i am using this to send a message i am getting 403 error says missing token please help me here.

Is there any other alternative you can suggest?


Hi Hirak:

Is this still an issue for you ? I ask because I see that you found the community thread which discusses best practices to publish to an AWS SNS topic which is a couple years old now, so not sure if it still works (link).

If you’re still having problems, maybe you could share a little bit more about your pipeline configuration.

Yes I m trying the same community approach but there were some challenges which our configuration team is looking into it.

Thanks for replying.