How to put content to azure storage blob with SAS

I have account url

How to put content to the container1 in Snaplogic?

i did try with rest put but can’t make it work.

I have a Microsoft Azure SAS token (Shared Access Signatures). I want to use the REST snap GET to read the Azure BLOB content. How to do it? Thanks!

hi @tochen_snap please refer to following:
All of the File oriented Snaps (File Reader, File Writer, File Delete, File Poller, Multi File Reader, etc, etc) in the Binary Snap Packs (included in set of Core Snap Packs) support Blob storage (wasb & wasbs) among other protocols. These require you to configure an Azure Storage Binary Account with the appropriate credentials.

Please refer to:

Thanks @Vladimir, I know how to use wasb/wasbs for azure. But i want to use azure SAS (Shared Access Signatures) as security token.

I see the Snaplogic can use REST snap and SAS token to access Azure service bus queue. see this link

I want to do the same thing (REST get and SAS) with Azure storage Blob.


@Vladimir, i want to upload a file into a blob container with REST snap and SAS (SharedAccessSignature). How to do it? There is no such example in Snaplogic document. Thanks.