How to read a value from a CSV and pass it (edited) further down to be the name of my Azure SQL db


I have a pipeline that reads a Splunk report, converts to CSV and uploads to Azure SQL.
One of the columns of my CSV is called _time. All the values of _time are from the same day: 2020-06-01T13:23:22.321 -04:00 where the first ten characters (i.e. “2020-06-01” are identical in the whole column. So, I would like to grab the first value and take the first ten characters to use them down the pipe for my Azure SQL db name (i.e. dbo.temp_dailies_2020-06-01).

Can you suggest a way to do so?

Sample of my CSV:
Screenshot_2020-06-03 21.09.09_

I have done some progress using the Unique snap… Am trying to figure out how to bring it to my main pipeline…

Main pipeline:

Here I get the unique “2010-06-01”

Basically I kinda need to merge the two… I think… Or any other suggestions are welcome

Thank you,

Hi @mitsos,

I experimented and I put together a couple of pipelines, where I think a solution for your problem might lie. First i created some dummy data in the AzureDynamicTable pipeline for bulk load with an Azure SQL - Bulk Load Snap (which is located in the child pipeline AzureChildDynamicTable). That is because the value for the Table Name in the Snap Settings can only be passed using a pipeline parameter.

In the parent pipeline, AzureDynamicTable, I add an additional field to the documents for bulk load. The field’s name is tableName, and I assign a value to it thusly: "dbo.temp_dailies_" + _time.toString().substring(0,10). Then I pass it as a parameter value for the parameter name tableName of the child pipeline.

I then have to remove the extra field in a Mapper in the child pipeline.

Here are the pipelines:
AzureChildDynamicTable_2020_06_04.slp (3.9 KB) AzureDynamicTable_2020_06_04.slp (8.1 KB)

I hope you can find your answer in there.


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@dimitri.hristovski thank you so much for taking the time - I think the clue that I needed was in the Mapper snap. I think I have figured it out, but I need to check a couple more things tomorrow.

This works! Thank you!!!
It is a bit slow, but think it will be fine. There are about 100k rows in each pipeline.

So, _tableName --> the underscore means what, exactly?

It has to be a pipeline parameter, right? How does the Execute Pipeline snap “know” to take only one value from the $tableName column?

Correct, _tableName is a pipeline parameter.

The Pipeline Execute Snap takes the $tableName field of each document it receives at the input view, and passes it to the child pipeline as the tableName pipeline parameter.

One thing to note that I may have inadvertently omitted. If you are certain that all of the documents that will show up on the input view of the Pipeline Execute Snap will have the same value for $tableName, you can check the Reuse checkbox in the settings for the Pipeline Execute Snap.

That way all of the documents will be sent to the same instance of the child pipeline, which will immensely improve the execution time. Perhaps it was obvious from your description of the problem, but nonetheless, I put it to you now.


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Thank you very much - this has been very helpful!!