How to receive incoming raw body from REST POST through POSTMAN and use it further in pipeline

Hi Folks,

Can anyone help me with below.

I am trying to send a REST POST request with body from POSTMAN to snaplogic pipeline, but not sure how to recieve it and use in pipeline.


The start of your pipeline should be open e.g.

FYI, this applies if the body is a json… if you’re expecting for other format you should use a different kind of snap e.g XML generator or binary to document


this pipeline is working for GET and POST, but it doesnt work for PUT.

Hmmmm??? Why do you have GET/POST/PUT in your pipeline? Anyways here’s a sample pipeline and triggered task has been created. Basically the pipeline will just write to a file whatever object was set in the body of POST/PUT request

Triggering the pipeline using postman

Pipeline output: