How to refresh Tableau Extracts thru snaplogic


Can we refresh Tableau extracts from Snaplogic by using tableau snaps? If not, what is the alternate approach?

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use “Tableau Rest” snap and the operation “run_extract_refresh_task” shoul refresh the extract. All of the API’s by tableau are supported by the Taleau Rest snap.

@skdarshanam : thank you . Can I refresh one particular workbook using this ? If yes then what should be the inputs ? Is siteId and taskId the only input needed? I have set up the tableau account and also selected the “run_extract_refresh_task” . It returns the below error :
“REST API service endpoint returned error result: status code = 500, reason phrase = Internal Server Error, refer to the error_entity field in the error view document for more details”
“Please check the values of Snap properties.”

siteId and taskId are the only input needed, please refer tableau rest api help documentation no how to retrieve those details from the web UI, also there are other rest opertions like get_extracts to get more details.