How to remove Escape character while file writing CSV formatter

I am trying to write a file with custom header separated by semi-colon (reading header from expression library as string)followed by data.
While writing using CSV formatter escape character ‘\’ is getting added as prefix for ‘;’.

Please suggest how i can remove this ‘\’


@Akhil try below config-

Below is data preview

Thanks Supratim for your reply, but as per my requirement the value should not be in quote and write CSV header will be disabled

Then remove quotation from quote character.


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I am reading header details from expr file as below
since my delimiter is ; CSV formatter is prefixing escape character() to my header ‘;’

If i am replacing with(,) it to header:“header1,header2,header3” its working as expected but my business requirement is to have delimiter as ;

@Akhil if you are interested only in data , try using .replaceAll("," , “;”) in Mapper after Parser.

You will get data something like this : Candace;Kelley;10/29/21;160206159956;Dalbeattie;Customer Relations

Hope this helps.