How to remove / in the data extraction

Hi Team,

can anyone help me how to remove / from the data.
for some i am getting / for some i am getting data as expected

Hi @Banu

If it’s string than you can use $data.replaceAll('/', '')
But if it’s different type you can also try $data.toString() and after that add .replaceAll('/', '').

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Thanks Viktor that helped

can you also help me to remove the data which contains / in the array.
i want to eliminite that completley

Hi @Banu

This time you need to iterate through the array.
That can be done by using .map() function. See the documentation for more information about this function.

There is it:

if it’s array of strings you can write $ => x.replaceAll('/', '')).

Maybe you have array of objects and in that object you have field from which you want to remove the ‘/’, than you just need to map the field in that object.

Like that $ => x.field.replaceAll('/', ''))