How to send email with empty email body


We are trying to use email sender, but it seems its not possible to send empty content in the email body.
If I leave empty for the body template in an email sender snap, the email I receive will always have ‘null’ text.

Anyone have experience on how to send email with empty body with Email sender snap?



You can get an empty body in email by placing a mapper before email sender snap and configure the mapper as below.


In Email Sender snap, select $body as Template body.


this looks like a bug, why i need to put that mapper in front of email sender? why leave it empty don’t work?

For whatever reason, they have elected to make this send an email for every document. Considering that, it is reasonable that sending no document doesn’t send an email. Sending a body as blacks, or even an empty string IS considered a document, so it forces it to work, even if the end result is what logically would have occurred if you had sent nothing.

An email for every document occurs only if you are not using HTML Table as the Email Type.

Thanks, I forgot. Even then though I believe you need at least one document.