How to set dependencies in SnapLogic

Hi Have 3 pipelines Pipeline-1, Pipeline-2, Pipeline-3.

The execution logic is as follows

Pipeline-1 and Pipeline-2 executes parallely and once both of them are success, then only the Pipeline-3 would be triggered.

Looking for suggestions regarding this.

Thanks in advance

You can use a pair of PipelineExecute snaps to execute the first two pipelines in parallel and then use a Join to wait for them to finish before proceeding to the next execution. You probably would want to make sure the child pipelines either have no unlinked outputs or only output a single document so that the Join only outputs one document to invoke the last pipeline. The Join should be configured with ‘true’ for the left and right paths.

Here’s a screenshot:


I’m attaching an export of the pipeline as well (with the pipeline properties for the execute snaps cleared out):

DependencyExample_2019_02_05.slp (7.1 KB)

@tstack Thanks much for your valuable input