How to set the execution user

I am deploying projects to QA and developer stacks so that they can have their own copies of projects for testing and developing. I’m using the SnapLogic metadata snaps to delete and create pipelines and tasks. I need the executions of these pipelines to show up under the quality analyst’s or developer’s user email address so that they can view and control their executions in Dashboard under the My Executions “Show only:” filter. I have been changing every email address in the input document for creating tasks and pipelines (owner, updated_by, create_user_id, etc.) with these metadata snaps and I have changed the owner in the project’s permission. But with every attempt the Username in Dashboard is still my email address and not the email address of the user the tasks or pipelines were created with or the owner of the project. How can these tasks, pipelines or projects be configured so that their executions appear under a specific user when that user is viewing My Executions in Dashboard?

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There is currently no public API for changing the owner of an asset. You can file an enhancement request through Support if this is something you feel you need.

Thank you.

  1. Can you tell me what changing the owner of a project changes if it doesn’t change the Username in Dashboard?
  2. When using the SnapLogic Metadata snaps to create assets will the owner always be the owner of the asset being copied and will changing the owner on the input document not be effective?
  3. Also, can you tell me where the Username on an execution in Dashboard comes from? Maybe I can back into with that information.

A related question to this that we’ve been working on is - How to use Service Accounts that pipelines can be run under in Prod? We don’t want production tasks to be run under any particular user’s credentials but rather under a Service Account instead.
Please let me know your thoughts on SnapLogic best practices around this.

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  1. Project ownership controls who can grant access to the project. Assets within the project are owned by whoever created them, which can be anyone having write access to the project.
  2. Assets created with Metadata snap are created under the ownership of the user who ran the pipeline.
  3. Dashboard shows the user account under which the pipeline ran. Scheduled and triggered task executions show as the user who created the task.
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Thanks for the info. Its concerning that the creator of the task always shows as the executor. This is not an accurate audit trail so I will submit an enhancement request. Is there anyway to tell who actually executed a triggered task, like in a log in Manager or through the Pipeline Monitoring API?

The triggered pipeline actually runs as the user who created the task, so the information shown in the dashboard is accurate. The pipeline has to run as the task creator to ensure that the execution has access to any other resources/assets required for the execution. Running the pipeline as the task invoker can cause permission errors if the invoker has lesser privileges than the creator.

There is already an enhancement request open for showing the invoker id in addition to the task creator. The additional information can be added if the invocation is done using an user account, it cannot be shown when the invocation is done using a bearer token.

Thank you. Are the enhancement requests visible on the community site?

In general, they are not.

We have a category where you can run Enhancement ideas by other community members to see if others would also benefit from the feature, but it doesn’t not get submitted unless you go through Support or your account manager.

I do review requests in that category and will let you know if it has already been submitted by someone and can add your company to the requestors list.