How to stream a binary PDF file to a file using Snaplogic

I am trying to stream a binary PDF file to a file using Snaplogic.

The equivalent would be to the following command:

curl “” --output …/out/pdf.pdf

Is this possible?

Note the output doesn’t seem to be amenable to Document to Binary or any of the snaps I’ve tried.

If you’re just trying to go from PDF to PDF, File Reader to File Writer should work.

I’m not sure how it would work. The GET object is a multi-part response.

Here’s what a file reader on the binary response looks like.

To clarify, I am making a dynamic all to a web service, the static reference is only to simplify the technical aspect.


You can stream files from HTTP via either REST GET Snap (with Binary as the “Response Entity Type” setting value) or the File Reader Snap.

Pipeline: 7185_rest-get-pdf_2020_04_02.slp (7.9 KB)

If you are calling an endpoint that sends a multipart response, you may also consider leveraging our Multipart Reader Snap

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed. Good to know that I can tweak the output on the mapper to cast a binary document to a binary stream.