How to work with oracle-insert snap


Try to connect to the Database using sql developer with the same credentials and make sure it validates the account successfully and then use it here.

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I tried as the same but i unable to resolve this error can you suggest me another way

The address you show is a private address, the connection from SnapLogic is coming from the Snaplex, are you using a Snaplex located with network connectivity to your Oracle instance - note that the Snaplex may be in the SnapLogic cloud if you are using a Cloudplex, or in your data center in using a Groundplex. The connection is only coming form the machine your browser is in if it is running on the same machine.

Thank you Craig Stewart, but i am not clear about that.
snaplogic is in cloud and oracle database is in on-premises.
When i am trying to install snaplogic is in on-premises, i am getting an error.
i will share the error if any one know about that can u help me to solve that error.

Based on the logo in that dialog, that may be a very old version of the product that is likely not supported anymore. Can you tell me where you found that?

Diane Miller Thank you for responding.

Can you tell me how to install snaplogic latest version in on-premises

Our current platform is not available on-premises. Only the Groundplex can be installed locally to connect on-premises application to our platform.

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