I have used File Reader in one of my pipelines and when i test it, i am getting error as - "Pipeline has no unlinked input views, but there is input data"

Please find the screenshot of my pipeline:

Kindly help in resolving this issue.

Hi @Nidhi,

Is this pipeline exposed as a Triggered task by any chance ? Most likely you you are sending a POST request but you don’t have an open input view on any of the snaps so the pipeline ends up failing.

Hi @j.angelevski ,
I do have a triggered Task linked to this pipeline. But i need to read the data from File Reader before making the Rest api call.
This error is coming because i have used File Reader snap in the beginning and not Json Parser.
Is there an option where i can use a File Reader snap along with Json Parser snap in the beginning?

I am not sure if I understood what you mean by that, if this pipeline is exposed as a Triggered task but you don’t need to POST any data then use a GET request from your application ( Postman for example ), it looks like you are sending a POST request even though is not needed if you don’t expect any data to be posted to begin with.

Ok. I need to POST the data in the request body and i also need to pass the data from the File Reader into the header parameter in the same Rest call.

What exactly you need to do with the request body data ? Because if you are sending a POST request you need to have an open output view to process the data, can you elaborate a little bit on the data that you are posting ? I don’t know the logic that should be implemented but if I get an idea of what you need to do with the data that you are sending I could probably help.

Sure. I need to pass the user id in the request body of the rest api call which in turn gets passed as query param to get the profile details so i need an open output view .
Also, i need to pass the access_token as header parameter of the same rest api call to authenticate it which is in the File Reader.
So i need to pass both.

If that’s the case you can leave everything as it is ( don’t remove the file reader or anything ), just add a JSON Parser and use Join ( Inner with 1 = 1 ) between the JSON parsed data and the data that is coming out of the File Reader ( use the join before the Router ), this way you’ll always have the user id and the access_token parameters available and you can use them with the REST Get snaps correspondingly.