I need a client reference that using JMS Snap Pack to integrate with HornetQ for JBoss

SnapLogic supports JMS standard through the JMS Snap Pack however it doesn’t support most of the major JMS providers including JBoss. Is there anyone who knows a client that using a JMS snaps such as JMS Acknowledge or JMS Consumer? We need a customer reference to talk to and assess his experience for using JMS provider: HornetQ for JBoss.

We have not done for JBoss but JMS Consumer and JMS Acknowledge does work
on SQS queue.

I am not sure how different JBoss is from SQS.

What is the issue?

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we have used jms snappack to talk to active mq, aws sqs, websphereMQ successfully in field and I see that JBOSS EAP uses activemq artemis as a JMS broker for mesaging subsystem so based on past experience we can with reasonable certainity say that with right configuration we can make it work with HornetQ too, attached are few pics of the activeMQ as well as artemis jms configuration (I am yet to test the artemis piece but activeMQ is tested). TBH I have never worked with HornetQ so out of curiosity I searched for HelloWorld kind of program and found this ref - https://docs.jboss.org/hornetq/2.2.5.Final/user-manual/en/html/using-jms.html

For talking to the JBoss JNDI Server, the jndi properties will look something like this:


ConnectionFactory = ConnectionFactory

I think with relevant jar’s and this configuration you should be able to talk to HornetQ via JMS snap pack, I strongly suggest you give it a try and let us know how it goes, I would start with my existing Java HornetQ client code, reference the connestion properties in this code and configure JMS account accordingly.


There is no issue currently except that SnapLogic doesn’t support officially JBoss JMS provider. It only supports SQS and ActiveMQ. We were able to configure the JMS snaps successfully with JBoss however we are afraid that if we run into issues in future then we will be stuck without SnapLogic support especially that we are using it for a major project with high visibility.

What I wanted from this question is not configuration steps but rather a customer reference or testimony from any client here in this community or if you know someone who used it successfully. We need to hear from them and assess their experience before we go Live with this the solution without SnapLogic support.

Thanks for clarifying that. I have recently done SQS but not JBoss.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer and I will look for other clients answers.

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Just thought to chime in and bring this thread to a logical conclusion, If I may :slight_smile:

I think we do not have any ref-customer as of now but given the generic implementation and the fact that you were able to talk to your provider via this snap gives a lot of “confidence” to try it out in higher env and see what kind of perf and execution results you get. Our docs only talks about providers against whom we have tested this snap but it doesn’t mean that we only support what is listed out there.