Import a Pipeline as new version of existing pipeline?

We have a pipeline in prod which does not have versioning enabled. For the same pipeline in dev i have made some new updates. Now i want to export and import this pipeline to test and prod but as a new version of current pipeline so that in case of any issues i can revert back to previous version. I dont see any option while importing which will let me do this. Does someone have any idea on how to do this ?

The only thing I can think of is to version the current Prod pipeline, import the other pipeline, then select/copy/paste the pipeline from one tab to the other.


Hi @Chandan,

You can rename the pipeline you’re importing, to be similar but yet distinctive from the prod one. Maybe add a suffix -1 ?

Prod: pipeline
Import: pipeline-1

Now when you have the new pipeline in the required project, you can easily point the executor to that pipeline, and revert to the old one if needed. By Executor I mean, triggered task, scheduled, Pipeline Execute.

Or you can even export the prod pipeline, and keep it locally in case a rollback is needed.

Is this acceptable to you?


This is a nice trick and surely will come handy. Thank you.


I can use this approach along with the solution provided by @dmiller. This will enable me have a copy of existing pipeline ( with different name in different canvas) and edit the original versioned pipeline in its own canvas.