Including payload in REST Get Snap

Hi, I need to call a REST GET method but it needs a payload e.g. {“path”: “xyz”}. I can’t find anyway to call a GET endpoint and include a payload in Snaplogic, does anyone have a solution? Thanks

Haven’t you looked with the Rest POST snap. Why do you must use the Rest Get with a payload? - not typical.

Please read this discussion:

Can you please be more specific about the REST API you’re calling? Is it from a 3rd party, or is it one you have control over? Is it exceedingly non-standard and non-REST-conforming for a GET request to require a payload.

Yes, I agree but I have not control over it. It’s the List API here >>> Workspace API — Databricks Documentation.

I’ve tried Post but the API isn’t listening for it, the only option is READ with a payload, which is trivial through code or tools such as Postman, but I can’t find a way through Snap. Any ideas welcome! Thanks.

Try passing the path and its value as a query parameter. Their documentation suggests this should work:

Oh don’t I feel stupid, I didn’t see that. Thanks very much for your help, works a treat.

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