Increase Groundplex max capacity for live ultra pipelines


From time to time, I run into the following error when attempting to execute ultra tasks on SnapLogic:

{“query_string”: “”, “path”: “…”, “response_map”: {“error_id”: null, “error_list”: [{“query_string”: “”, “path”: “/api/1/rest/pipeline/prepare/…”, “response_map”: {“error_id”: “no-cc-available”, “error_list”: [{“message”: “The Snaplex nodes have reached their resource limits and have no more room to execute pipelines. Please try again later or stop some executing pipelines to free up resources. (Details: No Slots: …)”, “error_id”: “no-cc-available”}]}, “http_status”: “”, “http_status_code”: 404}]}, “http_status”: “”, “http_status_code”: 500}

What configuration or infrastructure changes can be made to the groundplex and/or feedmaster to increase its max capacity of running ultra pipelines?