Integrating with REST APIs + OAuth when no native Snap is available


I’m looking into some API integrations with some services that are not supported by native snaps, but do offer a rich REST API and support OAuth. The wiki docs on the REST Snap have some details but its a quite daunting process to try and blindly hook up the OAuth2 steps and get the account working in a pipeline. Maybe I’m being lazy, but arent there any walkthrus or has someone done this before and willing to share how to set up integration with:

Microsoft Graph API (for Azure AD)
Maybe even ElasticSearch


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@mikeandrews check out this blog post, Connecting SaaS providers with SnapLogic’s OAuth-enabled REST Snaps

Thanks @robin, the blog looks very detailed. Will step through and try one of my non-native services and see how simple it is vs having a prescribed/precanned “integrate SL with XXXX API” set of standard docs/instructions.

I have attached simple oauth flow from client app(snaplogic) to Azure AD