Internal error encountered when executing a copied/pasted Router snap

I’m seeing an internal validation error of sorts, when I copy/paste a Router snap… The steps I used is:

  • Ctrl + A (select entire pipeline)
  • Right-click and select Copy
  • Right-click on an empty pipeline and select Paste
  • Validate pipeline

My original pipeline failed at the final Snap (an Exit) snap…

However, in the copied pipeline, every branch fails on the first Router pipeline encoutered:

I see the following error message in every instance:
Validation errors:property_map.settings.persistence.value: Invalid property value found (), must be one of: No Cache, Disk Only, Memory Only, Memory Only (Serialized), Memory and Disk, Memory and Disk (Serialized)
Please fix the snap configuration and try the execution again
The snap settings are not correct

You may need to submit a ticket through Support.

@vish … I’ll email you separately, but hopefully you monitor this… so FYI, this is a bug I’m running into…

In the meantime, for anyone who arrived at this topic the workaround is to copy the entire pipeline.

FYI SWAT-671 there’s an existing ticket for this, this is an internal ticket (submitted by SnapLogic emp) but thought to share number so that you can follow up with your SnapLogic rep.

The issue is already fixed but will be released in our upcoming 4.10 release.

Thanks for the update @min.chen… do you have a rough timeline on when that release will be available?

You are welcome. It’ll be available by 8/14.
I just tested in
copying router works fine now