Invalid Swagger Spec Message When Publishing API Version

Good Morning,

I am attempting to to publish a simple test API that is built from a triggered task. When I go to publish version 1.0 in API Manager I get the following message, “Invalid Content. Upload a valid Swagger specification.”. There is a built-in specification editor that I am using just to the left of the “Choose File” button in the Publish Version pop up window and it does not show any errors in the swagger specification I am uploading.

At this point, I am at a loss as to what might be wrong/missing in the specification file to generate that message. Any guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Is it a valid Swagger 2.0 Specification? Currently, we support 2.0 specifications to be published and not 3.0. However, the editor will parse a swagger 3.0 with no errors.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, can you share your swagger specification here?

Hi @jsmith141 ,

Do you have, by any chance, in the schemes an empty array element ?

If so, edit your file in the editor provided by SL and remove that line under schemes. For some reason, this happens when you generate a .yaml file for the project that you are creating the API and that exact error is triggered when trying to publish the API.

It should be Swagger 2.0. Here is the specification file. I have changed “basePath” to share on community

james_pipeline_to_api_spec.txt (3.5 KB)

Hi @j.angelevski,

I do not have any empty array elements in the schemes. In this case, I actually manually modified the demo specification file that SnapLogic provides. Thanks for pointing that out though. Could that be the issue? I need to auto generate the specification file from the project?

Okay, I have identified the issue with the specification provided.

Let me explain in a few steps:

one the validate call to validate your specification shows the error:

From there you can see the type of your parameter putId is a string however it has a items field describing it as an array, and the default is not a string. So, this is mixing the type of a string with the definition of an array type.

I modified your specification only to change the type of the mentioned parameter to an array instead of a string.

If you would like it to be a string then the definition should not include the items description.

here is the modified spec that is now validating successfully for me after changing the type:

paramsTypeToArray.txt (3.5 KB)

FYI this is a string with default defined correctly that is working for me if that String is the true desired type:

  - description: Person ID to get. returns all if null
    - "empty"
    required: False
    name: putId
    in: query
    type: string
    collectionFormat: multi

That was the issue. I completely overlooked it, I apologize I am still learning the yaml format and open API specification. Thanks so much for your help with this!


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