Is it possible to capture the name of the task that executed a pipeline at runtime?

We often send an email in our pipelines have certain errors, and we also have a lot of Tasks that drive the same pipeline(s) but with different params.

So it would be very helpful if when could send the name of the Task that started a failed pipeline within the email, making triage much more expedient and perhaps easier.

Is there and expression function/property that yields information about the Task? I may be missing something in the docs, but I have failed to find anything close.


The task name is not available, but the pipeline label is:

And in the Pipeline Properties, if you select the checkbox to capture pipeline parameters, it will send the value of the parameters to the pipeline runtime history if the pipeline is run through a task or another pipeline with PipeExecute or ForEach.

Thanks for the replies, but we already include the label and other values of interest in the emails.

We specifically need to know which Task (if any) caused the pipeline execution to occur.

I know the Task is available in the runtime stats (under Extra Details tab): I was guessing that there was some “undocumented” way to get at that info.


If it is not documented, it is not publicly available. You would need to submit an enhancement request through Support.

Have you thought of adding a “Task” parameter and putting the name of the task in it?

We’ve considered that but are trying to avoid the amount of “retrofit” it would take to complete that, even incrementally.

A built-in mechanism is preferred.


Have you tried the Snaplogic API using rest API? You can specify state as scheduled/triggered and an email snap for notification or write it to cloud for logging purpose.