Is it possible to "Cut & Paste" a SNAP?


Do any of you SnapLogic guys and gals know how to this???:

Without running my entire Pipeline, I want to “Cut & Paste” a single SNAP to a brand new, clean Pipeline.

For example, I want to “Cut and Paste” an “error message” Email Sender snap just to test out the email will actually work. However, I don’t want to make my Pipeline purposefully error.

So, at the moment, I need to go into the Properties of the Snap (eg: To, From, Email Type, Template Body, etc) , write the details by pen on paper, then create a new pipeline, add a new (Email) Snap and type the details manually by hand into this new Snap.

Is it possible just to “Cut & Paste” any Snap, from any Pipeline to any other Pipeline???

If Yes, What are the steps?

Thanks in advance!

Alex Portnoy,
Data Specialist,
Accor Plus,
North Sydney,

Right click on any snap and choose “copy” then “paste”. Works for me, if I’m understanding the question correctly.

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IS right. REMEMBER, however, that this ONLY copies the snap, and what is in it. Pipeline parameters, pipeline libraries, and input parameters may ALSO need to be setup.hat

You CAN avoid a lot of that hassle by copying the entire pipeline, and removing all of the snaps prior to the one that you want to run, remehe snap that mbering that some may feed info to the snap that it may need to run.

Doing that will automatically copy the pipeline parameters and libraries. Of course make sure it isn’t writing to a production environmenment, etc…

Another option to consider might be that if your “error message” snap is going to be used in other places you should create it as an error pipeline and you’d then be able to test it as a separate function and call it from any of your other pipelines.

Depending how complex your pipeline is you could also use the “Snap Execution” option to disable the rest of the pipeline and just let your single snap run.