Is Jolt Json and JSON Velocity Transformer similar or different?


I need to do some very complex transformation on dynamic JSON payload via snaplogic prior to posting at the endpoint.

can similar to JSON jolt, such operations are done through velocity? or it’s different?

(through velocity supported snap such as JSON generator)


Hi Vaidyarm - I’m not sure what specifically you’re looking for, but SnapLogic has a lot of built-in JSON manipulation capabilities right in the Structure and Mapper snaps. Velocity is also great at completely recreating your JSON documents in the JSON Generator with capabilities like expressions, conditionals, looping, and macros.

It appears to me that JSON Jolt is fairly different from Velocity. But for most of what JSON Jolt does, I would look at how the Mapper snap can manipulate JSON documents, especially for things like Shift, Remove, Default, and Cardinality.