Is there any way in snaplogic to pull Google AdWords API data like CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT etc?

Google doesn’t support rest get method and they have provided client libraries in multiple languages. I am using AdWords API’s python client library to pull ads data successfully. Then I thought of using their (AdWords API’s) jar file from java client library by adding that to our SL snaplex node. I am able to import it into my code of script snap. But when I am trying to access methods from imported jar file, script snap is giving an error saying the method is not recognized. I have this process tested on python IDE where I am using python client library to pull data and then connecting to DB to load data and finally scheduled this whole process with help of python program. I had found Google DFA Reports ( Which I don’t have access to. Therefore, I am reaching out to SL community and it will be great if someone can suggest any way to pull this ads data using snaplogic and Google’s given client libraries for ads API. Thanks in advance.