Issue in parsing the date format using JSON parser

I have a simple pipeline as below,


The file contents are,

    "Time": {
        "_snaptype_localdatetime": "2017-12-12T10:51:12.013"
    "BP_number": 2

When I use json parser and convert the time to string I get below output,

When using binary to document I get the correct output,

What is the JSON parser doing differently so as date is not getting converted to string?

Any help will be appreciated.

What is your expectation?

It looks like this file was generated by some of our code, did you download some preview data or use the DocumentToBinary snap?

Yes this file was generated using SL, I saw when I use JSON parser to read this file it does not convert the date into String but when I do it using binarytodocument it does it as require.