Issue: Mapper object array incorrect in to Workday Write output

We are building a boomerang integration, which gets values from workday, adds/changes some of the data, and resubmits the data back to workday.

In the mapper, I want to grab an entire section and rewrite it back to the submit without changes. this section has varying levels to it, and would be risky to map all the children… so need to copy all.
This section(array) is called ‘Course_Section_Combination_Instructional_Format_Contact_Hours_Data’ as shown:

The issue I’m hitting with this is that the mapper produces one output, but the workday write shows another.

Why doesn’t the workday write, take the values from the document?

Is there a better approach to a boomerang integration? More similar to the old xml/xslt approach where we 1.GET data, 2.XSLT/identity transform, 3.Submit data ?

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