Issue : Running Groundplex as a Windows Service : SQL Server – Stored Procedure Snap Authentication

Issue : We can no longer use the SQL Server - Stored Procedure Snap when running a Groundplex as a Windows Service.

Scenario : We have configured a pipeline which retrieves information from an on premise database via the SQL Server - Stored Procedure snap using a system account. The pipeline is working fine if we do not run the groundplex as a service. If we run the same integration on a Groundplex which is installed as a service the connection to the stored procedure can no longer be realized.


Are you using Windows Authentication, or native SQL Server authentication?

If you are using Windows Authentication, do you have “LocalSystem” added in your SQL Server instance as an authorized user?

The windows service for the Groundplex runs as this user, and if you were previously using your working login and Windows Authentication, it won’t work.

You’ll need to either add the credentials to the SQL Server instance, or else you’ll need to switch to native SQL authentication on your server, set up an account in the instance, and then configure the Snap’s account object to use the new credentials. I recommend the latter method, as it gives you more visibly direct control of how you are logging into SQL Server.