Issue while validating the pipeline

Hi All,

I am running into a strange issue where when I execute the pipeline it completes successfully but when validate it always errors out with the below message. Can you please suggest what is going wrong here and what I should do to correct it? I have uploaded the parent and child pipeline as well if you want to refer to it.

HCM Process Person Files_2022_07_12.slp (54.2 KB)

HCM Process Master_2022_07_12.slp (36.9 KB)

HCM Insert Person File_2022_07_12.slp (25.1 KB)

This error simply means the value you are looking for is not on the doc stream
ie $input0.final_document.Pipeline_Status
Must likely $input0.final_document is missing or does not have the property Pipeline_Status

Thanks, but how to avoid it?

@amit.saroha, that’s a lot to look through… But, I think at least one issue is here in the HCM Person Insert pipeline:


Snap Execution is set to Execute only, so it is not executing during validate, thus producing no results for the downstream snap. Change to Validate & Execute to see if that helps resolve anything.