Jira Snap Pack: Important changes to Jira Cloud APIs

We are reaching out proactively to notify customers to make the changes noted below by June 3, 2019 to avoid any interruptions to their Jira integrations powered by SnapLogic.

Atlassian has introduced support for API tokens on all Atlassian Cloud sites, replacing Atlassian account passwords for all Jira APIs. If you are using a REST endpoint in Jira with basic authentication, you will need to update your SnapLogic Jira integrations to use an API token by June 3, 2019. This would be a two-part change for SnapLogic organization administrators to make:

Part I: API token creation

  1. Navigate to your Atlassian Cloud application to create an API token
  2. Detailed documentation for API token creation can be found here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/api-tokens-938839638.html

Part II: SnapLogic Jira Account Update

  1. Once the API token has been created, navigate to the Jira basic authentication account used in your SnapLogic integrations
  2. Populate the API token generated in the previous step as the Password property on the account

Please contact us directly if you have questions about this note at: support@snaplogic.com

Thank you!
SnapLogic Product Team