Join Snap issue

I have output documents from join snap as follows

next I have a Router Configured basically for checking for a particular variable “RowCount” in input…the scenario is I only want to check if “rowCount” is available in only 1 input document,but it right now it is checking the variable for each input document


here is my pipeline , I want the Archive Files child pipeline to be called multiple times for the input documents,but at the same time I want it to happen only if Rowcount variable is available in the input(hence router is placed)


I want all the input files to be processed, if the Rowcount variable is available in the flow

Hi @ash42,

You can achieve that by following these steps:

1.Use Gate Snap to group all of the input documents in a single array.
2.Use filter function to filter that array using .hasPath("RowCounts") expression. So if we have an input document that has RowCounts property the length of the array will be greater than zero.

3.Use a Router to route according to has_rowcount property.
4.Then just use JSON Splitter to split the documents that should be processed by Archive files pipeline. Or use Exit Snap accordingly.

The flow should look like:

Here is the sample pipeline:
SL-comm-route-by-row_2023_02_18.slp (11.8 KB)

Let me know if this helps you.